Monday Training for feature film ‘No Xcape’

Monday 5AM Training – SHOULDERS! Here is my delt workout for the upcoming 3D action film, ‘No Xcape’. Push and go heavy on my presses and concentrate on form for my raises. Tip to you: If you grab it off the rack, you better control it – no sloppy movements. Enjoy the pain and have fun.. #Delts #NoXcape #BronxWarrior

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Peter Liciaga actor split images 1

Three options were open to me as a youth growing up in the South Bronx – gang member, prison or death, or so I thought.

Being half Puerto Rican and half Spanish, along with my athletic abilities and warriors spirit to survive, I opted to step out of the box and create my own options.

If you were to do a Google search of my name, Peter Liciaga, you would see that my body of work would include educator, entrepreneur, martial arts master, public speaker, youth motivational speaker, construction worker, ballet dancer, musical theater performer and film/TV actor.

The career path that I connect with the most is that of an actor. I love making believe and pretending I’m other people. I love telling stories.

I am currently in hardcore training for upcoming film and TV roles.

The roles that I am preparing for are not so nice and they are very VERY physical. I wouldn’t necessarily call them bad guys. I would call them antangonists. Most of the projects that I will be doing will be rated PG13 or R.”

So if you are looking for me to play some nice guy, you will be very disappointed.

However, if you are looking for me to portray some badass kickass roles, then stay tuned…

Training and Preparing for KickA$$ Roles


Kickass training 1

I am reading scripts and preparing for roles for characters that are not going to be very nice guys. So those of you that know me well, get ready for some kicka$$ changes in my blogging, video productions, images, etc.

Think and do

Think it through

I could spend years and years figuring out how to take three steps at once. Or I can simply take one step, and then the next, and then the next.

Being able to think things through is a tremendously valuable skill. But I will not let all that thinking prevent me from doing.

Sometimes it pays to think of a more efficient or effective or faster way to complete the task. Other times I’m better off when I just go ahead and do it.

Analyzing what I must do can be helpful. Yet analysis by itself won’t get the job completed.

After I think it through, I will go ahead and get it done. I will put my clever thinking into action, and I will have something of tangible value to show for it.

I will put my mind to work and I will create great ideas. Then put those ideas to work with my efforts, and bring them successfully to life.

Think and do. Think… and… Do…

A fresh new day

A fresh new day

Today, life begins anew. Today, I am blessed with fresh, new opportunity.

Today, I can build on the best of what has happened.

Today, I can look clearly and objectively at the limitations that have held me back, and find new ways to transcend them.

Today, I can make amazing progress. Today, I can reach higher than I’ve ever reached before.

Today, all my mistakes are behind me, and I’ve learned much from each one. Today, all my life experiences are still with me, and I can use them in innovative new ways.

This day has begun, and with it comes my chance to make a difference. Today, in each and every defining moment I can bring my dreams to life.

Today, from deep within my purpose, I will look out and see all the great possibilities. This is a day that’s now here for me to live more richly than ever.

A fresh new day.

I Am Success…

I am success

Only when I am able to accept the possibility of getting it wrong will I have the persistence to get it right.

Success is a consistent pattern more than it is an isolated event. It is the way I live rather than some object or experience I acquire.

The way to truly have success is to be success. Success is mine when I persistently embody the discipline, the integrity, the positive attitude, the respect and all the other attributes of which it is made.

Today I will visualize myself as a living, breathing, active and dynamic manifestation of success.

I will not consider success to be something outside of me. Instead, I will choose to be success itself.

In my thoughts, my words, my actions and my expectations, I will be the living embodiment of success. And whatever I envision will surely be within my reach.

Martial Arts Camp: Great FUN with Great Kids!

Martial arts summer camp a great success! Thank you to all campers for making session one of our karate summer camp series a great one! WOW!!! I truly am blessed to work with such great children and families. A special thank you to my own children, Alexandra and Christian for coming out early and helping me set up for the daily events.

Below is a short video of our campers…enjoy. :)

Do Something About It

Do Something About It 2

When something is troubling me, I will make the commitment to change it and act on that decision right away.

Some of the influences in my life are under my control, and many of those influences are outside my control. Yet I can always decide upon and put into action a positive response to anything.

I will not sit around being amazed at how miserable I am and at how unfairly life is treating me. Instead, I will be amazed at how quickly and effectively I can do something about it.

I will not complain to others about how tough it is for me. Instead, I will inspire them with my positive and enthusiastic attitude and actions.

When the world feels all wrong, that’s a valuable signal for me to get going and make a difference.

I have plenty of good options if I simply make the effort to find them. I will pick the best one, get busy putting it into action, and take positive control of my world.

When something is troubling me, I will do something about it. Period.

Reservoir of Strength

Reservior of Strength

Many of my greatest blessings can stay buried for years under layers of comfort and complacency. Often, I realize the full value of those blessings only when difficulties come along.

I believe that life’s most serious challenges do not arrive to punish me. Rather, they serve to shine a light on what is truly meaningful and valuable.

I have strengths and skills that I may never know about until a crisis compels me to uncover them and put them to use. In times of great difficulty, I am forced to call upon a reservoir of strength I may have never before known I had.

When life throws great challenges at me, that’s not the time to give up on the values and dreams that mean the most to me. In fact, that’s the ideal time to reconnect with the very best that is within me.

Within my most treasured values I will find my greatest motivation, inspiration, creativity, effectiveness and strength. With each challenge, I have a new opportunity to discover new dimensions of my, gifts, talents, skills and strengths.

When the difficulties arise, I will be true to the authentic dreams and values I hold dear. I will tap into my reservoir of strength, and rise above each challenge to a higher level of true fulfillment.

Stop Waiting To Be Inspired

Stop Wait to be Inspired

I will not wait to be inspired. I will get busy, and find my inspiration in making something good and useful happen.

I will not wait for the moment to be right. I will go ahead and make the moment right by what I do with it.

If I want fortune to shine on me, I will give it a good reason to do so. The best way to be lucky is to make my own luck with my own efforts.

The way to get what I want is not to beg for it or hope for it or demand it. But for me to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I will not wait for life to be the way I want. I will start doing all I can to make it great.