Just Designed Tee Shirt for Bullying Prevention Month!

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Hi everyone, I just designed this years Bullying Prevention Month shirt! Woo hoo…! Check it out and please buy one and support this cause!  All proceeds go to bullying prevention!

You can buy the tee shirt by following this link:

Bragging Rights: on my daughter Alexandra – Great Job On Back To School Video!

I am so proud of my daughter for doing such a great job on a back to school video she did for our karate school! (www.DKCRocks.com)

You’ve Gotta Love The Power of the Human Spirit

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham attempts and lands the first wheelchair jump on MegaRamp. A 50 foot straight air jump to hand plant on the quarter pipe Rio de Janiero August 25, 2012 at the MegaRampa event. This is a powerful example of the power of the human spirit! I love it!!!

Peter Liciaga Does Hard-Ass Training To Play Bad Guy

It’s true, looks like bad guys do love to lift weights! The Bronx born actor and martial artist gets in shape and adds 10 pounds of muscle to play ‘Crooked Cop’ in 3D martial arts action film “NoXcape.”

Training with Roe - Kick to the head EDITED

As you guys might know, actor Peter Liciaga is no stranger to the gym and hard-ass training. He’s been at this action actor gig for over twenty years. Check out his work HERE.

True to form, Peter has kicked up his training and added over 10 pounds of muscle to get in shape for his latest project, starring as ‘Crooked Cop’ in ‘NoXcape’, a new mma sports action being film in 3D. The Bronx born actor posted the following video on his Youtube channel with the title: “Hard A$$ Working Actor and Martial Artist”

This is not the first time we’ve seen Liciaga document a little ass-kicking action on social media, have you seen these videos?

‘No Xcape’ MMA Action Feature Film – CASTING NOTICE

Casting Notice (New York City Actors ONLY) – I am currently working on a mixed martial arts action feature film and we are still looking for an actress to play one of the lead roles.

No Xcape MMA Feature Film - Peter Liciaga

The movie is scheduled to start shooting in NYC in September and we still need an actress to play C-Lo (See below for details of the movie and the role)

If you would like to submit for this role, please email me your head shot, resume and a link to your reel (if you have one) to noxcapemovie@gmail.com

If I think that you are a good candidate for the role, I will contact you and send you sides and then schedule an audition online via skype or google hangout.


Casting for the C-Lo for No Xcape. No Xcape is schedule to start filming September 2014 In 3D.

No Xcape is about two-troubled sister’s C-Lo and Elena, female fighter’s with the skills to take down a man twice their size. C-Lo, who just got out of a Juvenile Detention Center, and Elena are looking to make something useful out of their life by fighting their way out of the Hood.

Here is a Video of the skills needed or need to be developed.

‘C-Lo’ Characteristics:

Ethnicity: Hispanic (Latina) or Caucasian (white) Age 18-25 Height 5’3′ to 5”7, 115-130 lbs. Must be physically fit / have great marketing appearance and be able to Act “HOOD” / “STREET” / “GANGSTER” and have Fighting Skills. Acrobat / Dancer / martial arts a Plus. MUST Speak “NY” ENGLISH and live with in 25 miles from the NYC AREA. Must be flexible enough to do a Full ‘straddle’ split and hold a kick at head level.

Reasons Why Peter ‘The Bronx Warrior’ Liciaga Is So Successful

Blog Image 001a - Body By Roe

Your’s truly, Peter ‘The Bronx Warrior’ Liciaga, has reached greater success than most kids from the Bronx could ever have imagined.

Being a professional performing artist in dance, theater, TV and film has afforded me the opportunity to entertain tens of thousands of people around the world. After many years being a performing artist and a successful martial artist, my experience and passion for personal and professional success has allowed me to branch off and find success in anything I put my mind to. However, there are many reasons why I rose out of the streets to the fame and success that I am blessed to enjoy.

Read on for a look into how I have become so successful.

Peter “The Bronx Warrior” Liciaga’s Success

I Use My Personal Energy

Whether I’m in public, speaking at a school or working on a film or theater project, I always strive to inspire, motivate and encourage everyone that is around me. I learned many years ago that if you want people to appreciate you you must appreciate them, and show them by always being a positive force. Without question, I want to be a positive force.

I Maintain A Competitive Nature

Being competive has always been a driving force behind my success. Everything that I do, I will put my all into it whether it be martial arts, running a business, directing, working on a fight sequence or acting.

Blog Image 002 - Body By RoeI will always strive to be the hardest worker in the room.

If people are not willing to work hard, they will not achieve their dreams and reach the personal best in success.

I Strive To Be Very Entertaining

Working with such talented people in the entertainment industry has taught me that personality has a lot to do with success, especially in acting. I always try to find a way to relate to my audiences and fans. Whether it be my passion in my key note speaches or my smile, I am always looking for ways to make the audience more involved. I strive to be the best at getting everyone to root for me simply because I am approachable and likable.

Liciaga Family 2aI Have A Successful Family Life

My family has a lot to do with me getting and staying focused, intelligent and on track to being successful and reaching my goals. My wife, Renee, also highly successful as a performing artist and choreographer, keeps me on my toes. My kids, both of whom have experienced being in front of the camera and on stage, are a neverending reminder of the importance of me being a real role model for them. They also keep me mindful of the importance of my legacy. I want my kids to always know that I will always be there for them, no matter what.

By the way, my wife and I will be celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary this November. :)

I Follow My Dreams

Everything in life has a purpose for me. No matter what my dreams were, overcoming the gang life, ballet, martial arts, filmmaking or acting, I do extremely well because I wasn’t afraid to follow my dreams. Without the drive to succeed and be the best, I might not have ever excelled the way I have (or do).

05 Image - Body By RoeI Work My Ass Off!

Growing up in the streets and without positive role models, I had to overcome some overwhelming obstacles. I made a lot of stupid choices. Many of them were devastating to me and the one thing that I would fall back on is this desire to never give up and work my ass off to and overcome whatever the circumstance was.

I would hours upon hours learning and training to become the best me I could be. I always knew that my circumstances will only get better if I got better!

I Find Mentors

I had a rough childhood and was involved with gangs. I lived in the streets for a year and ran aimlessly wild until I was 17 years old. He definitely was headed down a wrong path and needed an immediate change. Fortunately, a neighborhood family reached out to me and took me in. I found a martial arts teacher and started me on a path to doing something productive and positive with my life.

To this day, I am always seeking out mentors, coaches, trainers and teachers. They help keep me focused and grounded as well as informed on what I need to work to get to my next level of success.

Dinotos and Liciaga 1I Surround Myself With Great People

My decision to become friends with good, positive and motivated people has changed my life dramatically. If I would have stayed with the same crowd, I might have ended in jail or dead. I knew that certain aspects of my life had to change, so I cut out all of the bad, negative and destructive people in my life (including family members.)

I Take Risks

Taking risks has enabled me to venture from the streets to ballet to acting to being an entreprenuer. If I wasn’t successful in ballet, I might have passed up my success in musical theater and acting. All the successes I experience in the many professions I endeavor have come from my willingness to take risks.

My hope and prayer is that I would be an inspiration to everyone. The decisions I have made in my life, especially the decision to NEVER GIVE UP, are what has led me to my successes. Oftentimes, my life took a turn for the worse and the end of one endeavor became a turning point and defining moment for the beginning of another incredible adventure. Instead of giving up, I dedicate myself to aiming high and becoming the best of the best at whatever I needed to do at that moment in my life.


Thursday is just another day @ the Gym!

Consistent HARD WORK brings the gains of SUCCESS! 

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. If you are patient AND consistent, SUCCESS WILL COME!


Thursday - strength training

Strength Training for Film ‘No Xcape’

Working harder than anyone else! 

Wednesday - strength training

Martial Arts Summer Camp For Kids A Great Success!

I just spent the last 45 hours (5 days from 7am to 4pm) with a group of youth teaching them about self-defense, leadership, fitness, health and having fun! What a great time! Check out the short video below!

Stick Fighting: teaching Modern Arnis for film and TV

I will be teaching (and practicing for stunt work on film/tv) Modern Arnis stick fighting this month. Check out the video(s) I produced with my good friend and Modern Arnis coach, Les Kiersnowski, below…enjoy! :)